Most Common Violations

Most Commonly Observed Fire Code Violations


  • Exit Signs not functioning properly – Exit signs must illuminate on AC & DC power.
  • Emergency lighting not functioning properly – Emergency lights shall illuminate during loss of AC power.
  • Improper Storage around Electrical Panels, Water Heaters, and Furnaces – 30 inches of clearance of combustibles at all times.
  • Keys in KNOX box do not provide access to building.
  • Fire extinguishers are the incorrect size – The fire code requires fire extinguishers to be a 4a40bc classification (10lbs) with a current certification tag. (Shall be located on every floor with no more than a 75 foot travel distance and within 5 feet of each exit mounted to the wall between 3.5 and 5 feet.)
  • Improper storage near electrical and heating equipment – All storage shall be at least 3’ away from appliances.
  • Improper use of extension cords – Extension cords are for temporary use, if permanent wiring is needed consult a licensed electrician.  Extension cords must also be of a commercial grade and UL certified.  These cords must include a ground plug (three prong)
  • Improper use of Power Strips – Power strips must be plugged into the wall outlet.  They shall not be plugged into other power strips or other extension cords.  Power strips must also be of the nature with a resettable fuse system. (surge Protector)
  • Storage too close to the ceiling – Storage shall be 24” from the ceiling and 18” from a sprinkler head.
  • Missing ceiling tiles – All ceilings shall be continuous.
  • Exposed outlets and wiring – All outlets or electrical boxes shall have covers in place.
  • Obstructed fire alarm pull stations/panels– The fire alarm pull station and fire alarm panels must be accessible at all times.